Join Hoboken Food Swap At Bwe Kafe

Hoboken Food Swap At Bwe Kafe

Do you enjoy canning, baking, pickling or creating your own homemade goodies? Then join fellow food lovers for an evening of swapping homemade treats at bwe kafe at the first Hoboken Food Swap.

At the Food Swap, participants will bring their homemade creations, such as jams, jellies, candies, cookies, breads, brownies, spice blends, eggs, granola, etc. and swap with other other attendees. 


Who: This event is open to anyone who wants to bring their own homemade treats to swap, though you MUST pre-register to attend.

What: Each participant will bring an assortment of their homemade edible treats (or home-grown treats, or specially-foraged treats) to exchange with other Hoboken Swappers. We will be providing swapping cards where participants can offer trades to you, and vice versa. You are under no obligation to trade with anyone, and they are under no obligation to trade with you. There's no maximum or minimum amount to bring, though we suggest bringing between 10 to 15 items to trade. You can bring several of the same item, or an assortment of items, as long as they're from your own kitchen. 

If possible, please bring a sample of your item so that others can try before they swap.

Cost: There is no cost to participate, though we ask that each person purchase a drink or treat from bwe kafe, as thanks for kindly allowing us to host our Hoboken Swap there.

Where: bwe kafe, 1002 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030


The Honor Code (originally created by Philly Swappers)

This is a community event; however, participants must pre-register. It goes without saying that participants are using the highest cleanliness standards in their own kitchens and gardens to prepare their submissions. Nevertheless...

 • By participating in this event, you are acknowledging that the food items being traded are not necessarily prepared in any "approved" kitchen or space inspected by any government agency.

 • By participating in this event, you are also acknowledging that you will use the highest standards of cleanliness in food preparation.

Questions can be emailed to Please see the Food Swap Network's How to Attend page at: for FAQs.


** The Hoboken Food Swap would like to give a HUGE thank you to Philly Swappers, a food swapping organization in Philadelphia for the inspiration. Please visit them at:


Find us on Twitter at:




Have questions about Hoboken Food Swap? Contact Emily Catalano

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