Hoboken Homeless Shelter in Need of Fresh Fruit, Other Foods

Hoboken Homeless Shelter -- which is located at 300 Bloomfield Street and serves 300 to 400 meals a day -- is gearing up for Thanksgiving tomorrow and is in need of a few last minute items. Mainly, fresh fruit. They also announced on their Facebook a need for vegetables, gravy and potatoes - which many Hobokenites have heard the call. Fruit, which is tough to keep fresh and cannot be taken in too early, would need to be donated today or tomorrow. In the meantime, canned and other goods are busily being stocked and sorted.

Executive Director Jaclyn Cherubini allowed us to tour the new kitchen facilities today, as one last turkey was being hand delivered. "One turkey can feed twenty-five people," Cherubini said. And that's not all they have. Thanks to Kings Food Market, the shelter received 100 donated birds, and another 52 from St. Francis Food Pantry in New York City.


Cherubini said that they are expecting 600 volunteers tomorrow to help out with the meals. "Our doors are open to all and sometimes, the volunteers also need a place to go. Their family may be in Idaho or some other state and so [at the shelter] they have a place that they want to be as well."

Cooking all of these turkeys will be a challenge with just one double stove, however, Cherubini is very grateful for the new renovations that the shelter's kitchen recently received. "We start early," Cherubini quipped about how to make all those birds.

Cherubini is extremely proud of the work that she does and the town that she does it in saying "there is a lot of love in Hoboken" and "a lot of people who want to help." One example of such, is The Cuban, located at 333 Washington Street, which donates hot food nightly to the shelter.

If you cannot bring fresh fruit over to the shelter today, you can always attend the 10th Annual Silent Auction and Tricky Tray at Teak on the Hudson, 16 Hudson Place, on Wednesday, December 4th from 6:30 to 9:30pm.

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