Cutting for Cancer

Studio 12 Hair Designers, at 534 Garden Street, is set to launch a Cancer give back event on Friday, October 25th from 10am to 8pm, to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For the entire month of October, Studio 12 Hair Designers has offered free haircuts to anyone willing to cut their hair for the cause. Now, the month-long events will culminate with a one day only special give back, 20% off all services by appointment. Owner Nelly Torres, who has owned the salon for 8 years, finds breast cancer near and dear to her and looked to find a way to help. "Three years ago, I had at least five clients with breast cancer," said Torres. " A lot of times, I had to wind up shaving their heads. I had the occasion here to work closely with these patients and I really wanted to help out." Torres also lost six of her relatives to various forms of Cancer, so she is no stranger to the disease.

Torres got her first taste of cutting for Cancer while volunteering twice for a Stevens annual event for the cause. This year she went for it within her own business. In order to donate hair to organizations like Pantene Beautiful Lengths or Locks of Love, there are requirements that need to be met. Most donation organizations need a minimum of 8" of hair, with no more than 5% grey and no harsh dyes. It actually takes somewhere between 8-15 ponytails in order to make a wig for the recipients! Torres said that if a customer does not know where and how to send the hair donations, she will be happy to send it for them. However, the clients who have already been in this month for donation haircuts were well informed on where to donate and handled sending themselves. You can read requirements here.

Studio 12 Hair Designers is the site of the former Mary Michaels salon, which was operating in Hoboken for 14 years prior to Torres' take over. Two years ago, Torres renovated the salon and changed the name after a long period of client input. "The winning name was Studio 12 after I found out that twelve symbolizes 'that which forms a whole harmonious unit'," said Torres. The numerical address at 534 Garden Street adds up to 12 across in standard numerology. Torres wanted her full-service salon to help clients feel whole and great about themselves.

Torres hopes to hold more charity events in the future, like a possible event to help the homeless around Thanksgiving. To find out more about Studio 12 Hair Designers visit

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