Hoboken Startup Buggy Balance Is Changing The Way You Stroll

Buggy Balance is excited to announce the launch of a new umbrella stroller accessory designed to solve the problem of the dreaded tipping stroller.


The handles of your umbrella stroller are the most obvious place to hang shopping, coats, the diaper bag and your morning iced coffee. But all that extra weight can make things very unstable, especially when your little one unexpectedly hops out of the stroller!

Introducing Buggy Balance.

Buggy Balance is a pair of colorful counterweights that are attached to the front legs of your umbrella stroller. Buggy Balance adds stability and balance to your stroller, resulting in less tips, spills and falls.

Buggy Balance fits virtually any lightweight stroller, attaching with ease to the front legs.

Buggy Balance allows you hook up to approximately 18lbs of weight to the handle of your buggy, letting you stroll with confidence.

Buggy Balance is made almost entirely from recycled material and can easily attached and removed from the legs of your stroller as needed.

Buggy Balance is based in Hoboken, NJ and we are using a local supplier to facilitate manufacturing.

We are using the crowdfunding tool, Kickstarter to introduce Buggy Balance to the world.

You can find us at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/buggybalance/buggy-balance. We expect our first manufacturing run to be completed in early November.

For more information, please contact us at info@buggybalance.com



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