Break Into A Stand-Up Comedian With Hoboken Comedy Festival 2014

Artie Lange at Pilsener Hause at Hoboken Comedy Festival 2013  Photo Credit: Chris Langston Credit: Chris Langston/Artie Lange at Pilsener Hause at Hoboken Comedy Festival 2013

For the third year in a row the Hoboken Comedy Festival will be taking submissions from new and upcoming comedians to showcase their talents. Prospective performers can submit online at to have the opportunity to perform throughout the Festival.


Last year winner Pete Bladel closed the Festival by opening for Artie Lange to a sold out crowd at Hoboken’s Pilsener Haus & Biergarten on 14th Street. The other performers on the show were Ardie Fuqua, Dan Soder and Jamie Maddog Mattern.


“We really like to have our finger on the pulse of up and coming comedians,” says Festival Coordinator Dan Frigolette, “which is why we’ve added the New Talent Performances to the Festival.”


The 5th Annual Hoboken Comedy Festival which supports the Liberty Humane Society will take place September 29th - October 5th 2014. The new talent opportunities will come Monday through Thursday for those comedians who have submitted online. Closing each of those performances will be headliners from television and film.


Past headliners include Artie Lange (Howard Stern) Amy Schumer (Comedy Central), Todd Barry (Comedy Central, Tonight Show) Ted Alexandro (Comedy Central) Hannibal Burress (Oddball’s Festival) Chuck Nice (Vh1’s Best Week Ever), Godfrey (Comedy Central), and two handfuls of memorable comedians.


The Hoboken Comedy Festival proves for the fifth year in a row that Hoboken residents don’t need to cross rivers to enjoy a great comedy experience. The aim of the festival is to encourage comedic art and performance in Hoboken and offer entertainment close to resident's doorsteps. It's a celebration of the growing opportunity for great comedy in Hoboken for years to come.


Not only does the Hoboken Comedy Festival hope to bring laughs to the community in October, they hope to tighten the community that supports the festival by giving back. Each year the Hoboken Comedy Festival selects a charity to support by donating $1 per ticket and accepting donations during all performances and on their website. For the third year in a row the Hoboken Comedy Festival is very proud to support the Liberty Humane Society --a non-profit animal shelter dedicated to promoting animal welfare who provides animal sheltering, behavioral therapy and adoption services.


The deadline to submit for new talent is September 15th. Submissions must include a 6-minute performance video. Submissions give comedians opportunities to perform Monday-Thursday and each night will crown one winner who will then move on to open for the Headliner Shows over the weekend.


The festival will take place over seven days in five different venues and showcase some of the most prolific talent in the comedy industry today.


More info:



Dan Frigolette, Comma, D Productions 917.292.5441 or 201.898.0772

Hoboken Comedy Festival Calendar of Events


Sept 29th -Willie McBride’s -8:00pm

Sept 30th -The Tilted Kilt - 8:00pm

October 1st -Willie McBride’s -8:00pm

October 2nd -Willie McBride’s -8:00pm

October 3rd -West Five Supper Club -8:00pm; Maxwell’s Tavern-10:30pm

October 4th -Maxwell’s Tavern -8:00pm, 10:30pm

October 5th -Pilsener Haus Biergarten -8:00pm



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August 25th 2014

Photo: Pete Bladel at Hoboken Comedy Festival 2013

Photo: Artie Lange at Pilsener Hause at Hoboken Comedy Festival 2013

Photo Credit: Chris Langston

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