The Best Way to Refurbish the Shutters of Your House

There are two types of shutters that people put on their homes. One is made of wood and one of vinyl or some other plastic. Vinyl shutters have come a long way lately in looking more like wood while offer the durability of plastic. Structurally, vinyl shutters will last much longer than any of us will live. However, vinyl shutters will fade, oxidize and weather. Based on our estimates, over 90% of plastic shutters that are thrown away are completely structurally sound and are replacing simply for aesthetics. So what does a homeowner do when their shutters look faded and have lost their shine and color?

There are three choices.

  • Restore the color with Shutter Renu
  • Throw the shutters away and replace
  • Paint

Our preferred choice is Shutter Renu.  It is the easiest, lowest cost, longest lasting results of the three methods. New shutters will fade again in a few years and is the most expensive option. Paint is messy, time consuming and will also fade again in a few years.  Shutter Renu (or other vinyl shutter restoration products) is the easiest and lowest cost option. The manufacturer of Shutter Renu even puts a 10 year color guarantee so you will not have to worry about this project again for at least ten years.

Be careful what you buy and put on your home. There are lower cost options out there but our experience is you get what you pay for. Some people have even blogged about putting linseed oil or other oils on your shutters. If you do not put the right product on then you will be replacing your shutters and lose a day of your time. Spend a few cents more per shutter and buy a product that will last.

Here are the five reasons to consider if you are thinking of PAINTING VINYL SHUTTERS :-


  1. It’s crucial to choose the right paint. Some paints contain pigments that are heat absorbing. Painting the shutters may cause permanent damage to the shutters.
  2. Paint generally fades in a few years requiring you to paint your shutters multiple times of a ten year period.
  3. Painting plastics can be tricky and even paint applied by professionals can easily peel and quickly become unsightly.
  4. Painting requires priming, taping and significant clean up time. In addition, most painters will tell you to take the shutters off of the house to prevent accidently painting your siding or stucco.
  5. More costly. We recommend you hire a professional if you are going to paint your shutters.


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