Gospel Inspired Giving in Hoboken

Summer time offers many opportunities to do good deeds. Some choose to join a local community for a beach cleanup, others run a few miles for a cause. Some may pay the parkway toll for the car behind them and inspire a chain of random acts of kindness. When the sun shines, everyone wants to make the world a better place!

For Christians, there is no plainer way to bring good than to do what Jesus asks of us: feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and extend a helping hand to all those in need. As the summer kicks into full swing and family and friends flock to various vacation destinations, the Hoboken Shelter continues day after day to provide 450 meals and 50 beds to those who find themselves in need, and you too can help them. A non-denominational nonprofit supported by local churches in Hoboken, the shelter accepts financial donations but also gifts of food, clothing and toiletries.

Why not turn a summer day at home into a fun trip to the supermarket where kids can pick supplies for the shelter and learn about the gift of giving? Or try a more hands on approach by taking a family member or friend to the shelter to help serve a meal.

Monsignor Robert Meyer, Pastor of Ss Peter and Paul, explains how helping the underserved is the root of true happiness: “Good deeds are not intended to make you feel good about yourself; they are about realizing how lucky we are to enjoy what we have, and giving back to those who have less out of gratitude for God's bounty, and that's what makes people truly happy". 

Ss Peter and Paul is one of the Hoboken parishes that actively supports the shelter through volunteering, goods and financial donations. The parish recently celebrated its 125th Anniversary with a fundraising Gala honoring Jaclyn Cherubini, Executive Director of the shelter, among other local honorees, and the profits helped the church make a $5,000 donation from the proceeds to support the shelter. That adds up to 2,500 meals for the homeless over the coming months.

You can help too. This summer, spread the gospel and answer Christ's call by helping the Hoboken Shelter. It will bring you joy -- the joy of looking outside of yourself and into the light of God.

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