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As we spring into a new time zone and warmer weather our closets are ready for a cleaning. Fashion is about trends. But style is about an everlasting authenticity to the story you want to tell others with what you wear.  A new season is a surefire way to clear your clutter, clear your mind and perfect your personal style. From fab to drab is not a cliché. It is about adding color to enhance your mood and your aesthetic, but also expressing yourself.

Vaute Couture is one of the brands that allows you to express who you truly are with their Vegan fashion house developing ethically responsible apparel and founded by the “Fashion Rebel of New York Fashion Week” (CNN Breaking News).  You may be wondering what is a Vegan? A Vegan is someone who chooses not to eat or wear anything from an animal. What is Vegan clothing? Vegan clothing is made from ethically responsible fabrics that do not come from any animal. Instead alternative fabrics are created or used to achieve the same look that you would get from wearing (examples) leather or silk.

What makes Vaute Couture such a visionary? The non-conformist attitude they have towards fashion. They are choosing to create clothing that makes an impact to the world around us without sacrificing style. Which brings us to their ultimate women’s spring must haves

• Kristina Dress in Organic Velvet in Robins Egg (color)
Kristina Dress in Poppy Love Canvas

• Kristina Dress in Poppy Love Canvas (print)
Kristina Dress in Poppy Love Canvas

• Friends Not Entertainment Racerback
Friends Not Entertainment Racerback

• Women’s Fetch Ethical Eyewear (sunglasses)
Women’s Fetch Ethical Eyewear

You an easily snag these pieces online but if in-store shopping is what you crave then a visit to their flagship store not far from the heart of Hoboken but located in New York City at 234 Grand Street in Brooklyn is the way to go. For more information on Vaute Couture visit: www.vautecouture.com


Bonnielee Cuevas is a Lifestyle Consultant. She is the Founder of www.TheVeganStylista.com where she focuses her content and services on inspired living for the metro Vegan. She is also the Founder of www.provocateur02.com a Creative Agency for women business owners and entrepreneurs. She was voted Anna Wintour’s Vogue top social media influencers by ADWEEK. She has been featured on CBS Radio Minnesota, Business Insider, Oxygen Magazine Special Collectors Issue “Off the Couch”, Fashion School Daily, and Curvy Magazine.

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