St Patrick’s day parade rescheduled due to excessive drinking

Irish Times released an article late last evening revealing Zimmer’s intend to reschedule future celebrations that have a history of extreme drinking behaviors to a weekday.  Mentioned in the article, two years on, the Hoboken Parade committee has refused Zimmer’s suggestion and made it very clear that the parade must be held on the traditional Saturday before St Patrick’s Day.

Zimmer’s aim is of course to reduce the number of incidents and damages done to businesses as well as the safety of others.

Here is a report from 2012 by the city:

“With most bars delaying their opening and without a parade serving as a focal point, visitors arrived in waves, but they were concentrated primarily in our downtown area, and our police were able to focus resources and maintain control. Arrests were down 47%, ambulance calls were down 61%, and city ordinance violations were down 69%.

I thank the Hoboken Police and Fire Departments, EMS, OEM, CERT, and the public safety agencies from Hudson County and neighboring towns for their tremendous work keeping our community safe. I thank our Environmental Services team for cleaning up our streets and sidewalks and the bars and restaurants who voluntarily delayed their opening this year. I welcome all constructive ideas from the community on how we can improve further next year.”

The question I guess still remains. How can The City of Hoboken improve such events for years to come? Not a decision just on the Major but the complete community.

What side are you on? Answer in the comments below.


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