Launching Literary Legends Biggie's Style

Local author Alan Skontra kicks off his book (Legendary Locals of Hoboken) at famed Biggie's Clam Bar Thursday night.

Local author Alan Skontra compiled a black and white tribute to the great many legends of the Mile Square and kicked off his launch events on Thursday night at a packed to the brim Biggie's Clam Bar. Skontra, who has lived in Hoboken only five years, began the book by saying that he will never be able to express how much he appreciates living in Hoboken. We beg to differ! The book offers 125 pages of gratitude to Hoboken and the cast that has come with it. His books, selling for $22, were going like hot cakes at the iconic bar/restaurant on Newark Street. And Alan personally signed each and every one that he could. Alan also mentioned that one of the hardest parts, was "lugging all of the books from Fed Ex!" (This is one of the few times where it pays to have a car in this town).

Launching Literary Legends Biggie's Style

Perhaps the greatest touch of the event, was asking attendees who were actually in his new novel to wear a name tag with their page number written on the tag. This allowed others the chance to ask questions and better get to know his legendary subjects. From Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano, to local gallery owner Al Barsky, to Executive Director of the Homeless Shelter Jaclyn Cherubini to Councilman Tim Occhipinti and many, many more - one thing was certain; Alan had a brilliant idea with this book.

Launching Literary Legends Biggie's Style

Skontra begins the book with a rich Hoboken history starting at the very origin of the name Hoboken. He walks the book through war and immigration to baseball's birth around SInatra and brings it home with present day civic organizations, current administration, do gooders, restaurant owners and even the "MVP," Eli Manning. Though Alan incorporates many living legends, he kept the book in black and white from cover to cover, lending it a vintage appeal and an inability to look dated. Skontra plans to sell Legendary Locals of Hoboken at local events, area and independent bookstores, online and through his publisher, Legendary Locals, an imprint of Arcadia Publishing. This is definitely going to be a hit at the festivals, that's for sure.
 "I'm honored people have been interested in the book and came out [for the event]," Skontra said. "The party was supposed to celebrate something that was supposed to celebrate Hoboken. As long as people think I did a good job capturing the city, then that's all I care about."

Launching Literary Legends Biggie's Style

To get your copy today, you can visit www.legendarylocals.com.

Biggie's Newark Street

42 Newark Street

(201) 710-5520


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